Film & Fusion


I am very excited to be able to add this section to my portfolio. My heart in all my visual endeavours is to tell a story.

In photography I am able to freeze a moment but in film I am able to expand on this moment, to let the viewer enter into it through moving pictures and audio and to guide them into the heart of the story. Sometimes photography is limited in its ability to capture all there is. I decided to expand into the element of short films and fusion (combination of video and photos) so my clients have the opportunity to express themselves and their stories in any suitable way. The enclosed samples will give you an overview of various personal and business related situations I had the privilege to document.


Wedding Film


Promotional FilmPromotional Video for bestselling author Miriam Laundry's school visits


Fusion SampleThis video combines film and photographic elements of Miriam's journey to set a world record.

Short DocumentaryThis short film follows a local family to Ecuador as they visit their sponsor child for the first time.